A collection of Tweets for the Queens Museum, the premiere community-based museum in New York City, with an audience of 153.2K followers: https://bit.ly/2W2gwD2
→ ​​​​​​​FACEBOOK:
A targeted campaign for the family-focused Spooktacular event catering to local 4-12 year-olds and their families to an audience of 42K followers.

Instagram posts for the Queens Museum (55.3K followers), selected for their various tones in fundraising, community-building, event promotion, and art explanations.
→ ​​​​​​​LINKEDIN:
Linkedin posts for Fitwel, the world's leading certification system that optimizes real estate assets to support health to an audience of 3.3K followers:
Facebook posts for the Center for Active Design, the leading non-profit organization using design to foster healthy and engaged communities, to an audience of 3K followers:
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